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"Self and 4- bore" rifle
Albumen print, c. 1880s
7/10, small edge tear but glued down; 125 x 157 mm, mounted

The quintessential big game rifle of the 19th century. Described below print as "Britannia - 8" - alkaline".
'A Burmese girl at Rangoon'
Gelatin silver print, 1890s
Tonality- 10/10; 287 x 212 mm., unmounted
'Éléphant d'Afrique', Paris Zoo
Albumen print, c. 1880
Tonality- 10/10; 122 x 171 mm., mounted
'Effet de Ressac'
Albumen print, c. 1890
9/10; 231 x 312 mm, mounted

The title is printed on the mount. A dramatic example of instantaneous photography at a time when capturing the surf in this manner first became possible.
'Snowman', Central Park, New York
Albumen print, c. 1890
Tonality 8/10, minor edge fading; 183 x 234 mm., mounted with another view of the park on verso

The mount inscription (in French) does not mention a year but states the date of the photograph is 1 September.
Amateur photographer at work, France (?)
Gelatin silver print, 1890s
Tonality- 10/10; 160 x 113 mm., mounted on card with another view on verso
Body at Pompei
Albumen print, c. 1880
Tonality- 10/10; 199 x 247 mm., unmounted
Bridge across Vaal River, South Africa
Albumen print, c. 1890
Tonality- 6-7/10, very minor loss at one corner, some creasing; 260 x 367 mm., unmounted
British family group
Albumen print, c. 1860
10/10; 142 x 189, mounted

Light folds on the print are visible only at an oblique angle (these were there before print was mounted on its period thin album page).
Albumen print (hand-coloured), c. 1880s
9/10; 265 x 207 mm, mounted

An unusual and attractive still life from Japan.
Cloisters of S. Giovanni in Laterano, Rome
Albumen print, 1870s
10/10; 192 x 252, unmounted
Albumen print & watercolour or pen & ink, 1880s
Tonality 6/10 & 7/10, minor foxing. Tiny piece of corner missing on mount; 260 x 452 mm., photocollage

For an excellent overview of photocollage, see Elizabeth Siegel's 'Playing with Pictures. The Art of Victorian Photocollage', 2009, based on the exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.
Fabric and kimono shop, Japan
Albumen print (hand-coloured), 1880s
Tonality- 9/10, minor edge fading; 204 x 258mm., mounted with view on verso
Fisherman & his smoking companion
Albumen print, c. 1880
Tonality- 9-10/10; 94 x 60 mm. X 2 prints, each unmounted

On the verso of each print, there is a period inscription in pencil which reads- 'Filey Sep. 15th 1880'. Filey is a fishing village in Yorkshire.
Gothic sculpture with leaf motif
Collodion Printing Out Paper (POP), 1890s
Tonality- 10/10; 201 x 153 mm., mounted

Matt collodion POP paper was often used because of its ability to emulate the attractive tonalities of platinum prints as is the case here. This print came from the archives of an old architectural library.
Hauptmarkt, Nuremberg
Non-matt salt print, c. 1850s
7/10; 304 x 243 mm, mounted, print has rounded corners
Haywards Heath Railway Station
Salt print, c. 1853
6-7/10; 165 x 220 mm, mounted

Clouds look to have been drawn into the negative in a manner typical of this early period. Inscribed and dated on the mount.
Horse cart in snow, near Halifax, Canada
Albumen print, 1870s
7-8/10; 140 x 215mm, mounted

Probably near Halifax with view of 'Public gardens' on verso.
Il y avoit un géant vide 'Unawares'
Albumen print & watercolour or pen & ink, c. 1880s
7/10, minor foxing on paper; 280 x 224 mm

For an excellent overview of photocollage, see Elizabeth Siegel's 'Playing with Pictures. The Art of Victorian Photocollage', 2009, based on the exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.
Interior of Agricultural Hall
Albumen print (hand-coloured), c. 1889
8/10; 220 x 276, mounted

Believed to be from the Exhibition Universelle of 1889, the two oversize bottles of wine in the foreground are notable. The mount has holes in its edges as if it was pinned up to be studied by an artist. Indecipherable inscription in the negative.
Jewellery exhibition and visitors (?)
Gelatin silver print, c. 1930s
10/10; 162 x 211 mm, unmounted
John Howell
Albumen print, c. 1856
10/10; 202 x 149 mm, mounted

A sensitive early portrait of possibly a reverend preparing his lecture is described on the verso as being John Howell of 3 St. Paul's Churchyard. The manner in which Howell's arm is inserted into his waistcoat suggests he may be missing his right hand.
Lion of Lucerne
Salt print, c. 1855
9-10/10, fading to left edge.; 175 x 224 mm, mounted.
Lord Strathspey with fishing rod
Albumen print, c. 1870
6-7/10; 132 x 120 mm, mounted

A good photograph depicting a member of the House of Lords with a large fishing rod. Mounted on an old album sheet containing 4 other photographs of people or scenes in Scotland.
Man holding knife, Africa
Albumen print, c. 1880
Tonality- 8-9/10, minor edge fading; 141 x 98 mm., mounted with another view of men in canoe on verso
Maori portrait
Albumen print, c. 1880
7-8/10; 91 x 60 mm, mounted

Carte de visite mounted on a thin mount.
Morel (concierge) and 'Sultan'
Albumen print, c. 1858
9-10/10; 195 x 153 mm, mounted

Trimmed corners. Inscribed on the mount in French that 'Morel' is the concierge of the chateau (name indecipherable).
Moving of Briggs House in Chicago
Non-matt salt print, c. 1857
9/10; 190 x 234 mm, mounted

Due to poor drainage in Chicago during the 19th century, many buildings were raised and/or literally moved to improve hygiene. Briggs House was one of the top hotels in Chicago and in a tribute to American ingenuity, the entire brick hotel was raised. A similar lithograph of the hotel raising also exists. The photographic print process is difficult to ascertain with certainty. Some sources date the moving of Briggs House to 1866 but the look of this print and the dress of people in the photograph suggest the earlier date is correct.
Niagara Falls
Albumen print, c. 1870s
9-10/10; 347 x 423 mm, mounted

This dramatic winter view of Niagara cannot be attributed to a particular photographer but it came from an important collection which contained other rare mammoth-plate images, including views of Japan and others of California by Eadweard Muybridge. The image illustrated on the web site is cropped slightly smaller than the original print.
Paul's Four Aunts & Lady Henry Bentinck
Albumen print, c. 1880s
9/10; 364 x 250 mm, mounted

Inscribed on this page from an album in a more modern hand ink is 'Pauls' Four Aunts' and the names of the sitters.
Police Station, France
Salt print, c. 1880s
8/10; 255 x 195 mm, unmounted

A most atypical composition. The print is also unusual, possibly but not certainly a late period salt print (the process had a brief revival in the 1880s) on very thin paper.
Portrait of Jean Baptiste Camille Corot (1796-1875)
Woodburytype, 1870s
Tonality- 10/10; 120 x 82 mm., on Galerie Contemporaine mount, mount cut down.
Refugee Camp, India
Gelatin silver print, c. 1905
8/10, tiny section missing at right edge; 287 x 86 mm, unmounted

Taken with an early 20th century panoramic camera, perhaps Kodak model 4.
Sample from Duchess of Gramont's lace collection
Cyanotype, 1880s
10/10; 34 x 221mm, unmounted
School group in Nancy
Gelatin silver print, c. 1897
8-9/10; 184 247 mm, unmounted

A good group portrait of the female pupils at Mme. Boyer's school in Nancy (label on verso).
Sculpture in park
Gelatin silver print, c. 1890s
10/10; 175 x 137 mm

This image appears to be in the centre of a larger sensitised sheet of photographic paper.
Six scenes of the Low Countries
Albumen print, c. 1900
10/10; 84 x 112 mm. (Approx. – printed on one sheet), mounted

A remarkable group of animated scenes taken with a camera capable of fast exposures, possibly studies for an artist.
Steamship Secaucus
Albumen print, c. 1880s
9/10; 184 x 233 mm, unmounted
Studio (?)
Albumen print, c. 1860s
9/10; 233 x 158 mm, mounted

We will leave it to the viewer to decide what is transpiring in this most unlikely scene. Even the finish of the print is odd for the apparently early date – an unusual brilliant sheen is evident.
Synagogue, Berlin
Albumen print, c. 1880s
10/10, some light foxing in sky area; 261 x 204 mm, mounted
Tatooed man
Albumen print (hand-coloured), c. 1870s
9/10, some edge fading; 136 x 96 mm, mounted

Portrait of a Japanese groom with typical tatooing on his back.
Team of horses
Gelatin silver print, c. 1890s
10/10, corner tear; 113 x 159 mm, unmounted

An artist's study photograph from the collection of the painter, José Maria Sert.
The Leeds Infirmary. Ward X.
Gelatin silver print, c. 1890
10/10; 153 x 205 mm, mounted

A riveting image in which every detail of the hospital interior, its staff and child patients is preserved for eternity in aspic. This seemingly modest photographic document has every bit as much visual potency and artistic merit as works by the most famous names in the field. A smaller print of Ward ii is on the verso of the card.
The Winning Crew, Ramsgate, 1865
Albumen print, c. 1865
Tonality- 9/10; 215 x 178 mm., mounted
Three generations, photomontage
Albumen print, 1880s
7-8/10; 298 x 246mm

For an excellent overview of photocollage, see Elizabeth Siegel's 'Playing with Pictures. The Art of Victorian Photocollage', 2009, based on the exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.
Two men examining moose head in canoe, Canada
Gelatin silver print, c. 1900
8-9/10; 200 x 252, unmounted
Two young women
Albumen print (hand-coloured), 1870s
Tonality- 9/10, minor edge fading; 269 x 208 mm., mounted, view on verso
US Patent Office, Washington, D.C.
Albumen print, 1860s
10/10; 183 x 234mm, mounted

This is a view of the Patent Office looking towards the Southeast Corner. The Old Patent Office Building, which began construction in 1836, took 31 years to complete, after many changes of heart by the government. Still, it was called 'that noblest of Washington buildings' by Walt Whitman who read to wounded soldiers here. Lincoln's second Inaugural Ball was held in the building in 1865. This photograph was probably taken during the Civil War. There is an interesting and unusual vignette of street life visible in the foreground. The scene comprises a lady, a group of gentlemen, a fruit seller and a strange hooded figure, with reasonable detail under magnification.
Salt print, 1850s
9/10, minor edge fading; 212 x 176mm, mounted
Woman playing musical instrument
Albumen print (hand-coloured), 1870s
10/10; 207 x 261mm, mounted

An uncommon and haunting portrait. View of Mt. Fuji on verso.
Worker and bas relief
Albumen print, c. 1870s
10/10, tiny internal tears at bottom margin and at one edge; 223 x 173 mm